Frameworks, Algorithms and Scalable Technologies

for Mathematics (FASTMath) SciDAC-5 Institute

The FASTMath SciDAC-5 Institute develops and deploys scalable mathematical algorithms and software tools for reliable simulation of complex physical phenomena and collaborates with application scientists to ensure the usefulness and applicability of FASTMath technologies.

Objectives of the SciDAC-5 FASTMath Institute

  • developing robust mathematical techniques and numerical algorithms to reliably address the challenges of large-scale simulation of complex physical phenomena;

  • delivering highly performant software with strong software engineering to run efficiently and scalably on current and next-generation advanced computer architectures at the DOE Office of Science’s three major computing facilities;

  • working closely with domain scientists to leverage our mathematical and machine learning expertise and deploy our software in large-scale modeling and simulation codes; and

  • building and supporting the broader computational mathematics and computational science communities across the DOE complex.

The SciDAC-5 Partnerships Calls for Proposals are being released by DOE. A summary of FASTMath resources available to proposal teams can be found at this page:

where meetings with the FASTMath Institute can be requested.


Contact FASTMath at lbl dot gov to get more information on the project.

The FASTMath Institute is funded by the Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing (SciDAC) Program under the Office of Science at the U.S. Department of Energy.