Technical Area: Structured Mesh

Block-structured adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) is a mature technology that provides the basis for the temporal and spatial discretization strategy for a large number of DOE applications. AMR reduces the computational cost and memory footprint compared to a uniform mesh while preserving the essential local descriptions of multiphysics algorithms that represent the different physical processes. Locally structured meshing, even with AMR and/or mapped multiblock, allows the researcher to focus on advanced temporal and spatial discretizations for complex multiphysics applications rather than on mesh creation. AMR also provides a natural framework for hierarchical parallelism.

FASTMath researchers provide both expertise and software to projects developing and using block-structured AMR in their applications. One focus of FASTMath researchers is the development and deployment of high-order accurate (fourth-order or greater) discretizations, in particular for embedded boundary and mapped multiblock algorithms. Another target is the extension of AMR strategies to support multiphysics applications which couple different physical approximations at different levels of resolution. Finally, the structured mesh and time integration areas are working together to explore and integrate optimal time integration strategies into applications based on block-structured AMR frameworks. All FASTMath work in this area targets state-of-the-art architectures including multicore and hybrid CPU/GPU architectures.