Resources for SciDAC-5 Partnerships

The SciDAC-5 Partnerships Calls for Proposals are being released by DOE. A summary of FASTMath resources available to proposal teams is given below.

You may request a meeting with the FASTMath team by filling out the form at

Proposal teams may find the following resources from the FASTMath Institute useful.

  • The FASTMath Institute presented a webinar on December 16, 2020, providing an overview of the project. A recording of the webinar and the slides are available below.

  • A description of our capabilities in applied and computational mathematics can be found here.

  • Our work on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is described here.

  • The FASTMath Institute has a large collection of software tools/packages for modeling and simulation. The catalog is available here.

  • For additional information, please send email to FASTMath at lbl dot gov.